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Restoration Through Appreciation


The first Thanksgiving feast was shared on Thursday, November 26, 1621. For more than 200 years after that initial celebration, each state observed its own Thanksgiving holiday at different times throughout the year. Interestingly, it was in 1863 during the Civil War that President Abraham Lincoln declared an official U.S. holiday of Thanksgiving. In his proclamation, he described the war as unequalled in magnitude and severity. Creating a national day of thanks was, in Lincoln’s words, a way to “heal the wounds of the nation and to restore it.”

For the global community, this past year has also felt unequalled in magnitude and severity. I doubt anyone imagined the devastation we have faced, nor how a virus could so profoundly change nearly every aspect of our lives.

On behalf of the entire team at ASCM, I’d like to offer a small word of thanks in hopes of healing some wounds and moving the world toward a much-needed restoration. We are grateful for the supply chain professionals who put themselves on the front lines, sacrificing so others can get the health care they need, access daily essentials and maintain some sense of normalcy despite the chaos. The following is certainly not an exhaustive list, but we honor

  • agriculture and food producers, for ensuring we have food for our grocery store shelves
  • the retail workers who stock those shelves, place and receive inventory, and staff stores
  • critical manufacturers who produce essential materials, components and products — particularly those protecting our health care workers with vital medical equipment and supplies
  • logistics, transportation and distribution professionals for storing and moving products, providing public transit services, delivering mail to our homes, and soon ensuring successful vaccine distribution
  • energy, utility and infrastructure workers who ensure we receive clean water; electricity; gas and other fuel; internet and communication services; garbage and recycling services; and continued access to safe roads, bridges and other civic infrastructure
  • janitorial and cleaning professionals for sanitizing and safeguarding our facilities at a time when it’s most crucial.

And finally, thank you to so many other members of the global supply chain community who go to work every day, risking exposure so others may be protected and cared for. It’s because of you that the world no longer takes supply chains for granted. Furthermore, you inspire us all to work harder to create a better world through supply chain.

ASCM Thanks Chain

As a way to come together in the spirit of gratitude, ASCM recently launched the ASCM Thanks Chain. I invite you to join us by showing appreciation to those who have helped you along your supply chain journey. Share your story on social media, tag the person you want to thank in your post, and include #ASCMThanksChain. The goal is to form the longest thanks chain, which will be featured in an upcoming ASCM blog.

Happy Thanksgiving to our ASCM members here in the United States. And to our international colleagues, we wish you countless things to be grateful for now and in the coming year.

About the Author

Abe Eshkenazi, CSCP, CPA, CAE CEO, ASCM

Abe Eshkenazi is chief executive officer of the Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM), the largest organization for supply chain and the global pacesetter of organizational transformation, talent development and supply chain innovation. During his tenure, ASCM has significantly expanded its services to corporations, individuals and communities. Its revenue has more than doubled, and the association successfully completed three mergers in response to both heightened industry awareness and the vast and ongoing global impact driven by supply chains. Previously, Eshkenazi was the managing director of the Operations Consulting Group of American Express Tax and Business Services. He may be contacted at

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