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Instructor Development Program Resources

The APICS Instructor Development Program is dedicated to the ongoing elevation of the skills and performance of all recognized APICS instructors to maintain and enhance their learners' experience.

Instructor Training Courses

Expand your skills with APICS courses for instructors

  • Access the vital resources you need to deliver the highest-quality instruction.
  • Benefit from the guidance of experienced staff and instructors who will help you formulate the best path for your ongoing career development.
  • Gain recognition among your peers for your knowledge and expertise.
APICS Instructor Training Courses

APICS Train the Trainer (TTT)

  • An intensive, two-day course that prepares you to teach adult training and development courses
  • Highly interactive with 10 lessons that provide successful and workable methodologies you can apply to teaching any subject

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APICS Learning Dynamics for Instructors (LDI)

  • Builds on the essentials established in the prerequisite APICS TTT
  • Helps you solidify your foundation as an effective instructor
  • Examines the dynamics of the classroom and describes techniques for managing your students and maximizing their learning

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APICS Applied Instructor Skills (AIS)

  • Interactive one-day, five session, APICS workshop that helps instructors experiment with new instructional techniques on the APICS body of knowledge
  • Refine personal development plans to focus on specific areas to grow as a recognized APICS instructor
  • Create instructional objectives and an associated lesson plan to effectively deliver presentations on the APICS body of knowledge and engage learners

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How do I advance within the Instructor Development Program?

APICS offers tiered instructor designations to hone your existing skills as you advance through the program and develop more complex instructional skills. To apply to advance to another instructor tier, submit an IDP Upgrade Application.

Tiers of Instructor Designation

Associate Instructor:

  • For beginning instructors, instructors with experience in one or two program areas, or more experienced instructors who only teach a particular program infrequently.
  • May seek mentorship by lead or master instructors through their local APICS chapter, partner or approved APICS educational provider.

Lead Instructor:

  • Designed for instructors with approved subject matter expertise in two to five subject areas.
  • Subject matter experts with deep practical experience are expected to be the critical core of the APICS Instructor Development Program. Learners consistently seek instructors with “hands on” experience in a given area.
  • May mentor associate and other lead instructors through their local APICS chapter, partner or approved APICS educational provider.

Master Instructor:

  • Full-time Recognized APICS instructor. Masters set the standard for high-quality education by demonstrating expertise in the full scope of the APICS courseware and in leading edge instructional techniques.
  • Contributes to APICS courseware and evaluates other instructors’ performance.
  • Master instructors may mentor associate, lead and other master instructors through their local APICS chapter, partner or approved APICS educational provider.

Find your community

Instructor Development Community

Communicate with fellow APICS Instructor Development Program instructors about instructional methodologies, professional development, and APICS courses and resources. The APICS Instructor Community provides updated information on the Instructor Development Program.

Upon successful enrollment in the Instructor Development Program, you will automatically be granted access to the Instructor Development Community.

Virtual Instruction Community:

This is your place to communicate with fellow APICS instructors about online instructional platforms, tools, and tips for holding APICS classes online. The APICS Virtual Instruction Community library provides resources on virtual instructing.

IDP Maintenance

Recognized APICS instructors are required to maintain their instructional skills, body of knowledge credentials, membership, and requisite affiliations during the five-year maintenance cycle period.

Complete your maintenance application

IDP Maintenance Resources

Quick Facts

  • To find your maintenance due date, visit My Account.
  • The maintenance application fee is $75.
  • To find your current designations, view: Recognized APICS Instructors
  • Technical support will be unavailable during weekends and U.S. holidays.

Documents Required for IDP Maintenance Application

Overview Documents and FAQs

Additional Instructor Development Resources

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