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Certification and Credentials FAQs

If the answer to your question is not included in the following FAQ's please email Customer Relations at


What is the difference between a certification, an endorsement and a certificate?

  • Certifications are an evaluation against a predetermined set of industry standards for knowledge, skills or competencies and independent of a class, course or training provider. The credential requires maintenance, and post-nominal acronyms (Jane Smith, CSCP) are awarded.
  • Endorsements are a recognition of an additional skill obtained as a result of a specific training or education program. Endorsements do not require maintenance, and post-nominal acronyms may be awarded.
  • Certificates are a recognition of attendance and participation at a learning event or program. Certificates do not require maintenance, and post-nominal acronyms are not awarded.

Do I have to be an ASCM member to pursue a certification, endorsement or certificate?

No, membership is not required. However, ASCM PLUS members receive a discount on certification and endorsement exam fees, courseware materials and certificate programs. Nonmembers may register for exams after creating a free ASCM account online to obtain an ASCM ID. In addition, nonmembers can add membership to their cart at the time of purchase.

Can I become an ASCM PLUS member and purchase an Authorization to Test (ATT) at the same time?

Yes, you are able to purchase ASCM PLUS membership at the same time as your Authorization to Test and receive the PLUS member discount.

How are APICS certification exams scored?

The Scaled Score Document explains the use of a scaled score system for reporting test performance.

Why does the exam content seem different than the courseware content?

Certification and education, or courseware, serve different purposes but are closely related to provide an individual with the knowledge, skills and proof of competency in a given job role. For more information about the relation between certification and education, please refer to the Exam Content vs Courseware document.

How can I provide feedback after taking an exam?

All candidates have the opportunity to provide direct unfiltered feedback by using the feedback option at the end of the exam survey. In addition, you may send your feedback to

Can I see the questions and answers on my exam after I test?

No, it is a testing industry best practice to not provide this information to candidates. The exam content and any test-related materials are confidential and not available for review.

How can I dispute my exam results?

Candidates may only dispute an APICS Credential action, decision or determination under the following circumstances:

  • Inability to satisfy an APICS credential eligibility requirement, including those related to education or experience
  • Inability to successfully pass the credential examinations
  • Inability to satisfy a credential maintenance requirement

To dispute exam results, candidates must provide a specific reason for their dispute and submit a formal appeal to 

Are exam purchases refundable?

ASCM bundled products, exam credits and ATT examination fees are nonrefundable and nontransferable.

Are there maintenance requirements for the certification programs?

To preserve the integrity and value of APICS certification programs, all designees must meet certification maintenance requirements. The APICS certification maintenance program allows designees to acquire ongoing knowledge in their field and demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning through professional development activities. Visit for specific maintenance requirements and submit a maintenance application.

How can I obtain verification of my certification?

Visit and search for your name. The status of your certification(s) will appear in the results. If your employer requires a recognition letter, complete the certification recognition letter template, which can be found in My Account.

How can I confirm that my email and mailing address are current?

Access your ASCM profile by logging into My Account, or contact Customer Relations at, 1-800-444-2742 or +1-773-867-1777.

How does ASCM ensure certification content reflects current industry trends and is relevant for today’s work environment?

ASCM certification follows an industry best practice standard for high-stakes certification programs to evaluate the job roles of supply chain management practitioners and identify how tasks, skills and knowledge evolve over time. The Job Task Analysis (JTA) evaluation is conducted for APICS certification programs every 3-5 years through an extensive international research project. Qualitative and quantitative results are reviewed by a panel of industry subject-matter experts who change content as outlined in the Exam Content Manual based on the research data.

I’m logged in to take my test but cannot complete it due to my proctor did not sign in, unexpected system issues, etc.

Immediately contact PEARSON VUE at 866-583-8949 to open a case
Please note that it can take up to 14 days to process your request
Once it is processed a resolution will be issued
If you have a case number and it is within 14 days contact Pearson Vue directly, if it is passed 14 days, please contact our support team for further assistance.

How can I extend access to my online learning system materials?

To extend your access you must purchase and schedule your exam. Once it is scheduled, contact our support team with those details and it will automatically be granted to that date. 

Can I request my online learning system without the hard book materials?

No, the learning system order includes hard copies which includes a shipping charge for the materials. 



What is the APICS CPIM designation?

The Certified in Planning and Inventory Management (CPIM) certification demonstrates comprehension of an organization’s operations through a deep understanding of materials management, master scheduling, forecasting and production planning, as well as how these topics apply to the extended supply chain.

Who is the CPIM designation intended for?

  • Enterprise resources planning, either as an information technology professional or system user
  • Using other manufacturing systems and technologies
  • Planning, at any level of the planning hierarchy
  • Contributing to a sales and operations planning team
  • Master production scheduling
  • Material requirements planning
  • Managing capacity requirement planning
  • Manufacturing inventory management and control
  • Planning procurement and external sources of supply
  • Scheduling, releasing and tracking production orders and schedules
  • Measuring production performance
  • Manufacturing finance

What are the requirements to earn a CPIM designation?

Candidates earn the CPIM designation after passing two exams: the CPIM Part 1 Exam and the CPIM Part 2 Exam. You must pass both exams within three years to earn the CPIM certification.

Candidates who have successfully completed the Basics of Supply Chain Management (BSCM) exam within the last 10 years (and exam is still active) may complete the CPIM Part 2 exam to earn their CPIM certification without having to complete the CPIM Part 1 exam.

How many questions are on a CPIM exam?

Both CPIM exams consist of 150 questions (130 operational and 20 pretest). While the majority of the questions are multiple choice, the Part 1 exam contains some technologically enhanced items (TEIs). For more information on TEIs, as well as some examples, please refer to the CPIM Exam Content Manual. Pretest questions are randomly distributed among the scored questions and are used for statistical purposes only. Pretest items are similar to the scored items on the exam, and candidates will not know which items will be scored and which will not. Candidates should answer all exam questions.

How much time is allowed to complete a CPIM exam?

Candidates are allowed 3.5 hours of test time per exam.

What is the best preparation method for the CPIM exam?

All APICS certification preparation starts with the Learning Systems. ASCM offers several study options to help you find the right study method for your schedule and learning style. Choose between self-study, instructor-led and instructor-supported, or see if your company offers group training. You can purchase Learning Systems materials independently or with your exam.

What is the score range for a CPIM exam?

The CPIM score range is 200-350. A score of 300 or higher is required to pass the exam.

How long are certification exam scores valid toward the CPIM designation?

Individual exam scores for CPIM Part 1 and Part 2 are valid for three years from the date the exam is taken. For example, the exam score from a CPIM Part 1 Exam passed April 10, 2019, will expire April 30, 2022. Both exams must be current and valid to earn the CPIM designation.


What is the APICS CSCP designation?

The Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) program demonstrates knowledge of the essential technology, concepts and strategies of supply chain management and enterprise resources planning.

Who is the CSCP certification intended for?

If you do any of the following tasks, CSCP is right for you:

  • Supply chain strategy or design
  • Supply chain technology selection, setup, maintenance or use
  • Demand planning and management
  • Customer relationship management
  • Supplier relationship management
  • Supply chain wide inventory management
  • Managing reverse logistics
  • Managing supply chain risk
  • Supply chain change management
  • Supply chain improvement and best practices
  • Supply chain financial management

What are the eligibility requirements for the CSCP exam?

To be eligible to take the CSCP exam, you must have:

  • 3 years of related experience or
  • a bachelor's degree or international equivalent* or
  • an active CLTD, CPIM, SCOR-P, CPIM-F, CLTD-F, CIRM, CPM, CSM, CPSM or CTL designation

*ASCM defines the international equivalent of a bachelor’s degree as the level of study that would qualify an individual for a graduate program in the country where the undergraduate degree was earned.

There is no fee to apply for CSCP exam eligibility. Eligibility application approvals do not expire but must be successfully completed before you can schedule your exam. 

What are the requirements for earning the CSCP designation?

To earn a CSCP designation, you must pass one comprehensive exam.

How many questions are on the CSCP exam?

The exam consists of 150 multiple-choice questions (130 operational and 20 pretest). The pretest questions are randomly distributed among the scored items and are used for statistical purposes only. Pretest items are similar to the scored items on the exam, and candidates will not know which items will be scored and which will not. Candidates should answer all exam questions.

How much time will candidates have to complete the CSCP exam?

Candidates are allowed 3.5 hours of test time. 

What is the best preparation method for the CSCP exam?

All APICS certification preparation starts with the APICS Learning Systems. ASCM offers several study options to help you find the right study method for your schedule and learning style. Choose between self-study, instructor-led and instructor-supported, or see if your company offers group training. You can purchase Learning Systems materials independently or with your exam purchase.

What is the score range for the CSCP exam?

The APICS CSCP score range is from 200-350. A score of 300 or higher is required to pass the exam.


What is the APICS CLTD designation?

The Certified in Logistics, Transportation, and Distribution (CLTD) designation provides an in-depth knowledge of how to streamline logistics, transportation and distribution, including order, distribution and warehouse management.

What are the requirements for earning the CLTD designation?

To earn a CLTD designation, you must pass one comprehensive exam.

Who is the CLTD certification intended for?

If you do any of these tasks, CLTD is right for you:

  • Overseeing planning and execution of forward and reverse logistics
  • Designing logistics networks
  • Order management
  • Customer service management
  • Warehouse or distribution inventory management
  • Warehouse strategy or layout
  • Warehouse space management
  • Logistics/distribution/warehouse technology and information processing
  • Executing requirements for the planning, scheduling and budgeting of transportation systems
  • Performing economic classification and choosing shipment methods for both incoming and outgoing materials and products
  • Carrier selection and negotiations
  • Transportation mode analysis
  • Global logistics responsibilities
  • Logistics or transportation risk

How many questions are on the CLTD exam?

The exam consists of 150 multiple-choice questions (130 operational and 20 pretest). These pretest questions are randomly distributed among the scored items and will be used for statistical purposes only. The pretest items are similar to the scored items on the test, and candidates will not know which items will be scored and which will not. Candidates should answer all exam questions.

How much time will candidates have to complete the CLTD exam? 

Candidates are allowed 3.5 hours to complete the exam.


SCOR-P endorsement

By establishing a global standard of excellence for your organization through Supply Chain Operations Reference Digital Standard (SCOR DS) metrics, you will learn techniques for managing and measuring the performance of a global supply chain using the SCOR DS within the SCOR-P training and credential program. The SCOR-P exam is accessed through a three-day SCOR-P training available through ASCM partners or in-house corporate training.

Learn More

Certificate Programs

Supply Chain Procurement certificate

This new program, launching in 2021, develops key knowledge in procurement fundamentals, sourcing strategies, evaluation metrics and more.

Learn More


When can I take an exam?

APICS certification and endorsement exams are offered on-demand year-round worldwide through Pearson VUE. Testing availability is on first-come, first-served basis and changes in real-time as exams are scheduled and rescheduled. Therefore, to see test center availability, an exam authorization must be on your account.

Where can I take my certification exam?

Testing is available at PearsonVUE testing centers all over the world and online.  If you’d like to take the exam at a testing center, you can search for a local location.  If you’re interested in pursuing an online exam, simply register and select the option to take your exam online via the OnVUE system.

What is the cost of the exams?

Visit the page for each certification for a breakdown of exam costs.

If I need to reschedule an exam, what are my options? 

To reschedule your exam appointment, make modifications directly in My Account under the Certifications section or call Pearson VUE directly. There is a nonrefundable USD $45 rescheduling fee. You must reschedule more than 24 hours before your scheduled exam appointment. If you miss your appointment or do not test within your expiration period, your exam fees are forfeited. Taxes may apply depending on your local regulations. 

How do I reschedule my ATT (Authorization to Test) when it is expired?

Regretfully, once the ATT is expired it can no longer be used. Therefore, and as a courtesy to you, you are welcomed to purchase a new exam at the retake price rather than being charged the full first-time exam price.

Can I retake an exam if I fail?

If you do not pass your exam, you may retake it for a reduced fee. There is a 14-day required waiting period before you may retake the exam.

What can I expect on exam day? 

Short tutorials are available both online at Pearson VUE and testing centers for candidates to review prior to taking the exam. Candidates should review the Pearson VUE Scheduling Process prior to taking your exam.

I have an emergency and cannot take my scheduled exam

If candidates miss a scheduled exam appointment for any of the reasons below, contact Pearson VUE within 10 business days of the exam date at . Candidates must request to have an incident report opened to document the emergency situation. The call center representative will provide an incident number as well as a fax number to send in the required documentation. Candidates must submit written documentation, in English, in order to have their request reviewed. APICS cannot accept any documentation, all documentation must be submitted to Pearson VUE.

Only the following are acceptable reasons for missing a scheduled exam:
a serious illness (either candidate or an immediate family member*). General or minor sickness does not qualify. Medical documentation is required for verification purposes.

  • the death of an immediate family member
  • a disabling traffic accident
  • a court appearance or jury duty
  • unexpected military duty

*Immediate family members include the following individuals:

  • spouse
  • children
  • siblings
  • parents
  • grandparents

Examples of acceptable documentation include:

  • a letter from a physician on letterhead, including title, address and phone number
  • a death notice, obituary

documentation from a court or the military

Please contact Pearson VUE directly if you miss or will miss a scheduled appointment due to an emergency. Candidates who have an approved emergency will receive an updated ATT or will be rescheduled. No refunds of the exam fees will be issued.

How do I reschedule my exam from a test location to OnVue?

  • Send an email request to to cancel your exam and change it to OnVue testing
  • Once your exam is cancelled, you will receive a cancellation notice from Pearson Vue
  • We will issue another ATT (Authorization to Test)
  • After receipt of cancellation, log into your
  • Click on My Account
  • Select Certifications from left menu bar
  • Locate your Exam
  • Click Schedule
  • You will be taken to the Pearson Vue website
  • Click on the Exam name in the Upcoming Appointments section
  • Click Schedule on the right side of the exam details
  • Choose new day and time

Certificates of Completion

Certifications and Endorsements

When do I receive a certificate?

You may download an electronic certificate directly from your account within 24 hours following your successful exam. ASCM will notify you when your certificate is available after passing certain exams. This notification will include instructions on how to download a free electronic certificate from your online account. ASCM no longer provides printed certificates however, all electronic certificates are formatted for easy at-home printing and for your local print shop.

Which certificates will be available by electronic delivery?

The following certificates are available electronically to eligible candidates:

  • CPIM
  • CPIM-F
  • CPIM-F Lifetime
  • CPIM Lifetime
  • CPIM Basics
  • CPIM Part 1
  • CPIM Part 1 China
  • CSCP
  • CSCP-F
  • CSCP-F Lifetime
  • CSCP Lifetime
  • CLTD
  • CLTD-F
  • CLTD-F Lifetime
  • CLTD Lifetime
  • SCOR-P

I live outside the United States. Are certificates available in A4 format? 

Yes, electronic copies are available in both 8.5” x 11” and A4 formats. 

My name was misspelled on my certificate. What do I do?

The names on the certificates appear exactly as they are listed in the ASCM database. If the misspelling is due to an error in our database, please contact Customer Support at to request a name correction.

My certificate was lost or destroyed. How do I obtain a duplicate?

ASCM no longer sends printed certificates. However, you may download a PDF e-certificate through the Certifications (Exam History) section of My Account. A certificate will not be available if your exam has expired or if your certification is no longer active. All electronic certificates have been created to be printer-friendly.   

I was originally certified under a different name. How do I obtain a certificate with my current name?

Email to update your name. Proof is required for all name changes. Once your name is updated, you may download am updated certificate through the Certifications section of My Account.

I was certified in the past, but my certification is now suspended. Can I receive a duplicate certificate? 

No, only designees in current status are eligible to obtain a certificate. To reinstate your certification, please visit our maintenance page.

Certification maintenance

Are there maintenance requirements for the APICS certification programs?

To preserve the integrity and value of APICS certification programs, all designees must adhere to certification maintenance requirements. The APICS certification maintenance program allows designees to acquire ongoing knowledge in their field and demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning through professional development activities. Visit for specific maintenance requirements.

Where can I find a maintenance application?

Access the online application here. It is also accessible through the Certifications section of My Account.

Do I need to fill out all of the detailed educational points on the application?

No, you are only required to provide the total number of points you are claiming per section on the application form. However, if your application is randomly selected for audit upon submission, you will be asked to complete a separate audit application in which to provide more detailed information and upload supporting documentation of your maintenance activities.

Can candidates submit more than one maintenance application at the same time?

No, maintenance applications must be submitted separately. If you have more than one APICS certification, each certification must be maintained separately.

Can candidates use the same educational points to maintain all of their certifications?

Points awarded from some activities may be submitted on multiple applications depending on when they were earned. If you have any questions, please review the APICS Certification Maintenance Handbook or contact ASCM Customer Support at

Where can I find a comprehensive list of activities that qualify for maintenance?

Any topic or subject that pertains to the ASCM body of knowledge is eligible for certification maintenance. However, a list of peripheral maintenance topics relevant to our body of knowledge can be found here.

If I hold a fellows-level certification (CPIM-F, CSCP-F, CLTD-F), but have only earned enough points to maintain the base level (CPIM, CSCP, CLTD), do I lose my fellow status?

Yes, if you only have the required points to maintain your certification at the base-level, you will lose the fellows-level certification and need to reapply.

Do I need to send in documentation upon submission of the maintenance application?

No, you are not required to send any documentation unless you are audited. However, we strongly encourage you to maintain documentation throughout your certification cycle.

Are candidates who have been chosen to be audited notified immediately?

Yes, candidates receive an automated notification on screen after submitting the maintenance application, followed by an email that they are being audited with instructions on how to proceed.

Can candidates retake exams to maintain their certification?

No, however, candidates may earn maintenance points toward their maintenance by passing an exam.

When should I submit my maintenance application?

Certification maintenance cycles run in five-year intervals, starting with the date of certification and ending on the last day of the month that certification was initially received. Candidates can apply at any point during this cycle.

Will ASCM notify me when my application is due?

As a courtesy, notifications are sent via email to all certified individuals one year, 90 days, 60 days, 30 days, and 7 days in advance of their maintenance due date. However, it is every candidate’s responsibility to document their expiration date and submit their maintenance application.

Will points be earned for responsibilities and activities completed as part of a candidate's full-time job?

No, the purpose of the maintenance program is to demonstrate ongoing knowledge through continuous education.

Do I need to become an ASCM member to begin collecting maintenance points?

No, the APICS certification maintenance program is designed for both members and nonmembers. However, by becoming a member, you will be able to claim six points per year for each year your membership is in good standing.

Will courses that are conducted in a language other than English earn points?

As long as the class relates to the ASCM body of knowledge, it is eligible for points regardless of the language in which it is presented. However, if chosen for audit, all documentation submitted must be provided in English or English translation.

Why does ASCM membership earn six points per year while membership in other organizations only earns one point per year?

ASCM members receive a great deal of information during a membership year, ensuring that they are exposed to relevant material on a consistent basis. ASCM material and content address the APICS body of knowledge and is thus more likely to support the goals of the APICS certification maintenance program.

What is the definition of original research?

Research conducted for a publication is considered original if it has been accepted by a peer-review editorial review board.

Can candidates submit their website as an example of a published article?

Publishing websites cannot be claimed for maintenance because, unlike books and articles, their contents are not reviewed by panels, publishers or editors.

How do I request lifetime certification?

Lifetime certification is available to individuals who are at least 62 years of age and have their certifications in good standing. Individuals with suspended or expired certifications must bring their certifications current before applying for lifetime. To request lifetime certification, submit your request to the ASCM certification department in writing along with a copy of a government-issued identification (driver's license, passport or birth certificate), which confirms your age. Requests should be sent to

Is there a paper application I can submit?

Certification and certification maintenance applications are only available online.

Can I claim points for study material used to prepare for the exam?

All points claimed on the maintenance application must come from activities completed after the certification was earned. Therefore, no points can be claimed for study material used to obtain the certification.

Is there a list of activities that do not qualify for the maintenance program? 

A list can be found here.  

What type of documentation is needed if I am audited?

Copies of official documentation verifying the activities listed will be required. The types of official documentation include:

  • Registration confirmation
  • Certificate of completion
  • Transcripts
  • Thank-you letter for attending
  • Conference/seminar name badge listing meeting information

Credential verification

What is credential verification?

Credential verification is a free service ASCM provides to employers and other stakeholders to verify an individual’s APICS credentials. This enhancement to APICS certification programs complies with industry best practices and helps protect the value of APICS credentials for all designees. 

How do I access credential verification?

Users may verify an individual’s credentials here. The credential verification is in compliance with privacy laws both in and outside of the United States. You may view the ASCM privacy policy here.

When I search my name, it says my status is inactive. How can I find out more about this?

To learn more about the current status of your certification, please visit the Certifications section of My Account or email

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