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Basics of Inventory Management (1782)

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Topics: Inventory Management
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Course Overview

Inventory, if managed strategically, can work to establish and maintain a company’s competitive advantage. Whether you are a materials manager, buyer/purchaser, inventory planner, or simply need to understand inventory, this course introduces the fundamental concepts. Learn to explain to colleagues how inventory objectives must be balanced with the needs of marketing, sales, and finance. Discover the decisions that effective inventory managers make. Gain knowledge of how inventory accuracy is maintained; apply that knowledge to create an impact.

Course Format

Courses include assigned reading, video highlights and fun, brain-boosting activities to help you retain your learning. You can also track your learning with tests and a self-assessment dashboard. Try it on desktop or mobile—interactive study tools work either way.

Included Units

The unit discusses how inventory planner uses key information. It also touches on the following topics: the impact of inventory on a company’s financial statement, inventory accuracy, cycle counting, and tools available to inventory management personnel.

This unit discusses the basic techniques for managing inventory replenishment in an independent demand environment.

The unit discusses the purpose and function of inventory management.

The unit discusses the fundamentals of inventory management.

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90 Day Subscription


USD $ 150.00

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