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Basics of Distribution and Logistics (3137)

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Topics: Distribution and Logistics
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Course Overview

ASCM is providing a FREE 90-day subscription to the Basics of Distribution and Logistics course.  Learn a new skillset or cross-train your supply chain team with this special offer.

Distribution and logistics functions must solve thorny problems involving time, place, delivery, and levels of service to compete in today's business climate. This course introduces the fundamental concepts required to create an optimal distribution and logistics strategy.  Learn why distribution channels are so important. Be able to describe different channel design models. Explain tradeoffs between different channel network designs including customer response time, product variety, product availability, and delivery time. Explore inventory management and its function in distribution and logistics.

Course Format

Courses include assigned reading, video highlights and fun, brain-boosting activities to help you retain your learning. You can also track your learning with tests and a self-assessment dashboard. Try it on desktop or mobile—interactive study tools work either way.

Included Units

This unit discusses the basic functions and techniques for managing inventory replenishment in an independent demand environment.

This unit discusses channel network design.

The unit discusses the structuring of channel networks, one of the essential functions of operations management. The functional areas of the supply and distribution channel -- the demand channel, process value chain, and value delivery network -- are all discussed.

The unit discusses the science and practice of operations management. The focus is to provide you with a basic understanding of the content and objectives of operations management.

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