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Supply Chain Talent Analysis

Find solutions for your supply chain talent gaps.

Talent management is a critical part of supply chain strategy, yet many organizations lack a clear understanding of employee capabilities and skills. According to a Gartner report, only 27% of leaders believe they currently have the talent needed to meet current supply chain performance requirements. To combat this, it’s crucial that organizations focus on achieving optimum talent acquisition and development.

Supply Chain Talent Analysis

An effective analysis of talent gaps is now recognized as an important tool to understand an organization’s short-term and long-term hiring needs to ensure sustainable and strategic talent mapping. ASCM and UpMetrics have collaborated to develop a fully customized solution to help uncover and address talent gaps. This qualitative supply chain skills survey can be administered online to employees and allows you to:

  • Gather data from employees with a customized survey tool and centralize that data on the UpMetrics platform
  • Gain insights into gaps and opportunities through the aggregate reporting platform and dashboards
  • Optimize and improve performance with recommended next steps

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SCORmark Benchmarking

SCORmark benchmarking helps you identify a starting point to move forward in a true transformation. With this benchmark, you’ll better recognize where your company and supply chain stand compared to the most successful companies in the world and your industry.

SCORmark Benchmarking with an ASCM corporate membership

Built atop our industry-leading SCOR Digital Standard, SCORmark provides a metrics-based assessment to identify key gap areas in your supply chain. SCORmark harnesses the power of our alliance partner PwC’s historical population data of more than 1,500 organizations and 2,500 supply chains to help evaluate and benchmark your supply chain against industry peers.

Learn more about SCORmark Benchmarking.

Facilitated Digital Readiness Assessment

Accelerate your digital transformation with a customized roadmap.

There is a direct connection between success during a crisis and the maturity of an organization's digital transformation. Those that succeed with digital transformation will be better equipped to respond to changing environments and embrace both new digital technologies and processes.

ASCM and Deloitte have developed a digital readiness assessment tool to provide recommendations and a roadmap based on the organization’s digital vision, strategy and current maturity.

Facilitated Digital Readiness Assessment

The web-based Digital Supply Network Transformation Platform is based on the Digital Capabilities Model and contains two types of assessments:

  • Setting the scene: High-level survey targeted at C-suite executives and business unit leads to gauge the organization’s vision and priorities.
  • Detailed functional maturity assessments: Six surveys for each node of the network to dive deep into current operations and maturity levels.

Once the assessments are complete, the platform generates results and real-time analytics enabling you to better understand where you stand across people, process and technology dimensions in comparison to leading digital practices.

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