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2022 ASCM Corporate Membership Program FAQs

Why is ASCM changing the corporate membership program?

The new structure of the Corporate Member product is based on input gathered from extensive quantitative and qualitive feedback provided from outside market research conducted in 2020. Included as participants in this research were samples of both existing and prospective members who were queried on existing and proposed benefit value. The new corporate membership program is designed to better align with each organization’s unique needs and goals.

How has the corporate member structure changed?

The corporate membership program has been simplified to from seven tiers to four categories: Community Engagement, Talent Development, Enterprise Transformation, and Industry Collaborator (introduced in 2021).

Describe the new program categories:

Community Engagement – designed for companies who want to connect with other companies to learn and share best practices and who desire for their employees to have access to all the ASCM body of knowledge and career resources. The focus in on employee engagement and leadership development.

Talent Development – designed for companies who are looking to train and upskill their supply chain workforce using ASCM resources. This category focuses on organizational talent growth while still promoting employee engagement and leadership development.

Enterprise Transformation – designed for companies that recognize the competitive advantages of having supply chain integrated into every area of the organization/company operations and are using or planning to use ASCM as part of a larger enterprise supply chain transformation. In addition to the benefits of employee engagement, leadership development and talent development this category of membership provides 5,000 seats for Foundations of Supply Chain Management full suite of courses and unlimited memberships..

Will there still be a Small-to-Mid-Sized Business (SMB) category?

No, based on product review and research recommendations, the SMB membership tier will not be included in the new model.

What is an Industry Collaborator corporate member?

An Industry Collaborator corporate membership is designed for the non-traditional manufacturing company (i.e., service, consulting, software, etc.) who desire a relationship with ASCM to promote thought leadership. This category of membership provides opportunities not previously available to members, such as our promotion of content, facilitation of focus groups and non-conference event sponsorship. It is also the only corporate membership category that includes the license of ASCM content for either intranet use or product use at no additional fee.

What happens to existing memberships?

Existing corporate memberships sold and active through January 31, 2022 will be honored until their expiry. At that time, each company will select to transition to one of the new categories of membership.

Can an existing member upgrade to a new membership category prior to the end of their current subscription?

After February 1, 2022, current corporate member subscriptions can be upgraded based on a proration of the value of the remainder of the corporate membership tier and the new preferred category.

Will the individual memberships tied to the new corporate membership categories still provide member pricing on materials and exams?

Yes, corporate individual members will continue to have access to certification discounts and all the other advantages of membership, plus these brand-new benefits:

  • The Certification Maintenance Center automatically tracks many of the maintenance points you earn through ASCM activities.
  • Short, specialized microlearnings covering a variety of relevant topics and are eligible for certification-maintenance points.

Will all membership categories receive the corporate member discount pricing for the Foundations of Supply Chain Management suite of courses?

Yes, corporate members will continue to be the only group that can purchase the full Foundations of Supply Chain Management suite (all modules with corporate dashboard) and all membership levels will be provided an additional corporate discount.

What is the Supply Chain Organizational Talent Assessment?

This new, online tool will allow corporate members in the Talent Development and Enterprise Transformation levels to assess and benchmark their supply chain organizations, helping to identify organizational skills gaps.

What is the Facilitated Digital Readiness Assessment?

The digital readiness assessment is a tool designed to help identify and prioritize capabilities that are key in digital supply chain transformations. Facilitated through a collaborative partnership with Deloitte, the facilitated survey and evaluation includes Capability prioritization and Maturation assessments.

Can a Community Engagement organization purchase a booth in the Virtual Career Fair? If so, have we established a price?

Yes, the virtual career fair booths can be purchased at published pricing.

Will the exclusive opportunities to participate in ASCM research, such as certification job task analysis task forces? Will it be available for all categories of corporate membership?

Yes, we will continue to solicit and support having all corporate members represented, when applicable, in research activities. Those companies wishing to promote their thought leadership will also have the opportunity through the new Industry Collaborator membership.

Will the Enterprise Transformation category include the ability to license the ASCM Dictionary & SCOR framework for internal use?

The SCOR Framework is now open source for anyone to access however the ASCM Dictionary will continue to remain an individual benefit and with unlimited individual memberships in the Enterprise Transformation category, everyone in the company can have access through the ASCM website. The ability to license and put the standards on the company intranet will be included at no fee to companies that have an Industry Collaborator membership or can be purchased by other corporate members.

What are the requirements for the content licensing benefit for Industry Collaborators?

The content licensing benefit provides the member with two options to license the APICS Dictionary, SCOR-DS, ASCM Enterprise Standards, CPIM/CSCP/CLTD exam content manuals and the ability to select both options if interested & applicable:

Organization may use the standard(s) internally as a content resource for their staff

  • MOU required to ensure proper IP protection & usage

  • Provides them with ability to put a PDF of the standard on their company’s intranet for all-employee access (not limited to the 100 members attached to their membership) or to convert the PDF into their intranet-accessible structure

  • No additional fees required beyond maintaining their annual Industry Collaborator membership

Organization may use the standard(s) as part of a larger product solution that they are developing and planning to sell

  • MOU/Contract required to define business agreement per standard. If the organization is interested in more than one ASCM standard (i.e. APICS Dictionary & SCOR-DS), multiple MOUs would be required to:
    • Ensure proper IP protection
    • Define the terms of a financial model for the larger product solution including revenue share, per unit costs, etc.
    • Must maintain their membership as an Industry Collaborator for the duration of the business agreement

What if a corporate member who is not an Industry Collaborator wishes to license content?

Corporate members who are not Industry Collaborators can also license the APICS Dictionary, SCOR-DS, ASCM Enterprise Standards, CPIM/CSCP/CLTD exam content manuals as a content resource for their staff. Licensing would require a fee and signed contract to ensure proper IP protection & usage. The License would provide company with ability to put a PDF of the selected standard(s) on their company’s intranet for all-employee access (not limited to the membership attached to their corporate package membership) or to convert the PDF into their intranet-accessible structure.

If you have additional questions, please submit them to our team at

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