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Applied Instructor Skills (AIS) Instructor Course


The APICS AIS class is an advanced instructor skills class designed to provide the instructor-learner with a wide variety of instructional techniques. This course builds on the foundation developed in the prerequisite APICS Train the Trainer (TTT) and Learning Dynamics for Instructor (LDI) courses. It is the perfect venue for instructors to experiment with new instructional techniques on the APICS body of knowledge.

Skilled APICS Master Instructors critique and enhance the instructor-learners’ lesson plans.

This interactive one-day, five-session, hands-on APICS workshop will help instructors:

  • Identify ways to use the flipped classroom environment to improve learner comprehension and retention
  • Recognize techniques to improve learner retention of APICS body of knowledge
  • Demonstrate the ability to enhance a traditional lesson plan to effectively engage learners
  • Create a non-traditional flipped classroom lesson plan
  • Create instructional objectives and an associated lesson plan to effectively deliver a presentation on the APICS body of knowledge
  • Refine one’s Personal Development Plans to focus on specific areas to grow as a Recognized APICS Instructor

Course Administration

  • You must be recognized by APICS as an AIS Master or Master of Instructor Training within the APICS Instructor Development Program to purchase the APICS AIS Instructor Kits.
  • All APICS AIS Courses must:
    • Be taught by two recognized APICS Instructor Training Instructors
    • One co-instructor must be an APICS AIS Master Instructor and the other co-instructor must be a Recognized APICS Master of Instructor Training.

Instructor Training Materials

APICS Master Instructor Training and AIS Master Instructors can purchase the APICS Applied Instructor Skills Kit and Participant Workbook 1.0, contact ASCM Customer Relations at 1-800-444-2742 or +1-773-867-1777 or email (6:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m., US-Central, Monday - Friday).

Note: The sale of APICS Applied Instructor Skills Participant Workbooks are restricted to Master Instructor Training and AIS Master Instructors, or to the chapters using a Recognized APICS AIS Master Instructor to teach or co-teach the class.

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