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Foundations of Distributions and Logistics

Course Overview

Learn why distribution channels are so important. Be able to describe different channel design models. Explain tradeoffs between different channel network designs, including customer response time, product variety, product availability and delivery time. Explore inventory management and its function in distribution and logistics. 

Course Format

Courses are delivered entirely online. Content includes readings, videos, and brain-boosting activities to help you retain your new knowledge. Learn on desktop, tablet or mobile — the interactive study tools are highly effective either way. You do not need to complete the full module in one sitting. Make progress in this course at your own pace.

Included Modules:

  • Operations Management (PDL01)
  • Introduction to Distribution and Logistics (PDL02)
  • Channel Network Design (PDL03)
  • Distribution Inventory Management (PDL04)
  • Distribution Requirements Planning (PDL05)
  • Warehouse Management (PDL07)
  • Packaging and Materials Handling (PDL08)
  • Transportation Management (PDL09)
  • Transportation Operations (PDL10)

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