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ASCM Code of Ethics

Before taking an exam, you agree to:

  • Maintain exemplary standards of professional conduct;
  • Not misrepresent your qualifications, experience or education to ASCM or others you serve in a professional capacity;
  • Respect and not violate the United States Copyright of all ASCM's materials, including but not limited to courseware, magazine articles and other ASCM publications, ASCM conference presentations, and ASCM credential examination resources. In this same spirit, you must not violate the copyright of other organizations and individuals in your professional capacity;
  • Abide by all of ASCM’s published exam bulletins and exam procedures, including all of the rules and regulations of any third party that administers an ASCM examination;
  • Not engage in or sanction any exploitation of one’s membership, company or profession;
  • Encourage and cooperate in the interchange of knowledge and techniques for the mutual benefit of the profession;
  • In your professional capacity, respect the fundamental rights and dignity of all individuals. You must demonstrate sensitivity to cultural, individual and role differences, including those due to age, gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, disability, language and socio-economic status;
  • In your professional capacity, not engage in behavior that is harassing or demeaning to others based on factors including, but not limited to, age, gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, disability, language, or socio-economic status;
  • Adhere to this Code of Ethics and its application to your professional work. Lack of awareness or misunderstanding of an ethical standard is not itself a defense to a charge of unethical conduct;
  • Contact ASCM’s legal department when uncertain whether a particular situation or course of action violates this Code of Conduct; and
  • Not to become the subject of public disrepute, contempt or scandal that affects your image or goodwill.

Failure to abide by ASCM Code of Ethics policy may result in sanctions up to and including decertification.

Testing Policies

The first and last names on the primary and secondary identifications presented at the test center must match the first and last names identified on the exam registration in order to receive admittance to the test. If you do not bring the required identification on exam day or the name you register with does not match your identification, you will be denied admission to the examination and will forfeit the exam fees.

ASCM membership, products, exam credits, and ATT examination fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. If a candidate fraudulently disputes credit card or payment charges, ASCM may require the candidate to pay any costs it incurred as a result of the fraudulent dispute, and shall ban the candidate from electronic payment options in the future. In order to purchase ASCM products in the future, the candidate must contact ASCM directly to coordinate an ASCM-approved payment option, including but not limited to, cashier’s check or money order.

Cancellation and rescheduling fees as noted in the ASCM Exam Handbook apply. Testing is monitored through the use of one or more of the following: a viewing window, a computer camera, a video monitor, or a sound-monitoring device in the room. Testing sessions may be photographed or videotaped to ensure the integrity of the ASCM certification process.


The test center manager is authorized to dismiss you from a test session for the following reasons:

  • creating a disturbance
  • giving or receiving help
  • using notes, books, wristwatch calculators, digital assistants, electronic dictionaries or other aids
  • using electronic devices, including mobile phones
  • attempting to remove scratch paper from the testing room
  • attempting to tamper with the computer
  • attempting to remove test questions (in any format) from the testing room
  • failing to follow the test center manager or online proctor’s directions
  • Accepting or sharing exam content before or after the exam

In addition, because the entire question data bank, the exam form, and all exam materials are copyrighted and are the legal property of ASCM, legal action will be taken against anyone who violates the copyright laws by distributing examination content or materials through any form of reproduction. Oral, written, or electronic communication during the exam is strictly prohibited and punishable by law.

If you engage in any of these forms of misconduct, at a minimum your exam will not be scored, your fees will not be refunded, and you will be prevented from retaking the exam for six months. Furthermore, acts of misconduct will be brought to the attention of the ASCM Certification Committee and the ASCM Ethics Committee, which may result in cancelation of your prior or current exam scores, revocation of your certification and discontinuation of your membership.

No-show policy

No-show candidates shall forfeit their exam fees. You may be considered a no-show on the day of your scheduled exam if

  • you fail to reschedule or cancel your exam appointment within the appropriate time frame;
  • you choose not to keep your exam appointment;
  • you do not have an acceptable reason for your absence; you do not bring two forms of acceptable identification to the exam
  • the name on your identifications does not match the name you registered with and/or the name ASCM has on file and you are therefore not allowed in the testing room;
  • you fail to check in at the test center at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled appointment or as indicated in your instructions.