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CTSC Beta Exam

Advance your supply chain career with the APICS Certified in Transformation for Supply Chain (CTSC)

What is the CTSC Beta Exam?

Beta certification exams are newly developed assessments offered to a smaller audience before being released to the public, allowing you to provide valuable feedback and help evaluate the exam's content. By taking the beta exam, you will help establish the scoring standard for the new CTSC program. ASCM will analyze the data collected during the beta period to evaluate exam questions' performance before releasing scores.

What is the CTSC Beta Exam?

Why should you consider taking a beta exam?

Participating in a beta exam can bring several benefits to individuals who are interested in enhancing their professional skills and knowledge. Here are some reasons why someone should consider participating in a beta exam:

  1. Early access to new exam content: Be among the first participants to access the new exam content. By participating in a beta exam, individuals gain early access to certification material and become part of the inaugural group of CTSC test takers who may go on to become the first CTSC credential holders.
  2. Opportunity to provide feedback: Beta exams gather input from participants on the new exam content. By providing feedback, individuals can help shape the final version of the exam and improve the quality of the certification. Provide feedback on the exam content and the user experience. These comments constructively evaluate question statistics and help us provide the best user experience for our test takers.
  3. Gain valuable experience: Participating in a beta exam can provide individuals with valuable experience and knowledge to enhance their professional skills and make them more competitive in the job market by becoming an early adopter and showcasing their transformational skills.
Why should you consider taking a beta exam?

When is the CTSC Beta Exam available?

A beta exam will only be conducted during the initial launch of the CTSC. You must test between October 2, 2023 - November 15, 2023 to participate.

CTSC Learning System

The CTSC Learning System will be included in the CTSC Beta Bundle and will be available to purchase on July 26, 2023. Although you must take your exam by November 15, 2023, ASCM will extend the learning system access from the typical 12 months to 18 months.

Beta exam scoring and results

At the launch of the CTSC program, candidates will not receive their scores immediately after taking the certification exam. Beta exam participants and anyone who takes the exam before March 2024 should expect to receive their score on March 21, 2024* (date subject to change). 

This time reflects a comprehensive process including statistically analyzing results and data, evaluating the performance of each question and reading and evaluating all comments provided during the beta exam.

After the release of exam scores and results on March 21, 2024*, CTSC retake exams will be available for purchase. Second-chance exams will also be available for eligible CTSC bundle purchasers who tested on or before November 15, 2024.

After March 21, 2024, second-chance exams will be available to eligible test-takers within 48 hours of sitting for and failing their CTSC exam (restrictions apply). Candidates who fail an APICS exam must wait 14 full days before retaking the same exam.

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CTSC Pricing

CTSC pricing is dependent on ASCM membership type.

Certification Upgrade Member

Certification Upgrade Member Beta Bundle $2,145

Standard Member and Non-member

Standard Member and Non-member Beta Bundle $2,990

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CTSC Pricing

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