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Six Causes of Supply Chain Chaos Can be Fixed Now

April 4, 2024

1:00 PM CT

Have you ever wondered why our supply chains are so chaotic? Are you continuously being pulled in different directions, trying to achieve the impossible? You’ve probably spent a lot of time fighting the chaos but never had enough time to explore its sources.

Topic Areas

Planning, Demand Driven

Join us for an eye-opening look at how some issues are caused by having a less-than-perfect understanding of the impacts of our decisions. We’ll also share valuable insights for calming the chaos. 


John Melbye

John Melbye


Instructor for the Demand Driven Methodology and ASCM Twin Cities Chapter Board Member

John Melbye, CSCP, helps companies to stop managing chaos and start driving progress. He has been endorsed to teach the Demand Driven Planner workshop since 2017, has achieved master instructor status and is listed as a Top 10 instructor for the Demand Driven Methodology. Melbye also has served as a board member of the ASCM Twin Cities Chapter since 2016 and is engaged in ASCM networking and learning opportunities.