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Seamless Integration of SCOR Digital Standard and Gartner Global Supply Chain Strategies and Solutions

March 7, 2023

1:00 PM CT

The Supply Chain Operations Reference Digital Standard is an industry-leading foundation for essential transformation. Upon this foundation countless digital tech solutions can be developed, often by integrating complementary tools. The presenters of this webinar will delve into proven planning approaches, supply chain strategy management, resilience amid disruption, and standardization strategies that enable better learning.

Topic Areas

Risk Management, Sustainability, Planning

Discover how collaboration, community and diversity of methodology enable industry professionals to build stronger supply chains together.


Peter Bolstorff

Peter Bolstorff


Executive Vice President of Corporate Development at ASCM

Peter A. Bolstorff, CSCP, SCOR-P, is the executive vice president of corporate development at ASCM. He oversees the ASCM corporate transformation value proposition, which includes talent development and corporate supply chain performance. The author of Supply Chain Excellence: A Handbook for Dramatic Improvement Using the SCOR Model, Bolstorff has more than 25 years of supply chain experience.

Douglas Kent

Douglas Kent


Executive Vice President of Corporate and Strategic Alliances at ASCM

Douglas J. Kent, SCOR-P, is the executive vice president of corporate and strategic alliances at ASCM. He oversees ASCM’s corporate member community, global training partners, North American chapters, academic relationships, and industry and technology collaborators. Kent is also responsible for strengthening ASCM’s foundation and as well as growing global alliances.

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