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Competitive Bidding in Collaborative Outsourcing: Oxymoron or Obligation?

August 17, 2021

1:00 PM CT

How do you engage the market when policy dictates open and competitive bidding, yet strategy points to a set of qualified providers? Policy mandates that many procurement organizations use competitive bidding, yet the tools are not well adapted to complex services and strategic outsourcing. Often the result is a cumbersome force fit that is not ideal.

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Certification Maintenance

Qualifies for Certification Maintenance

This webinar introduces the RFPartner approach developed at the University of Tennessee, a tried and tested tool that enables procurement to effectively support the business while fulfilling its mandate and gaining credibility in more complex and strategic categories. Participants will gain insight into the challenges of competitive bidding in complex procurements, see a comparison of various competitive dialogue methods, and learn the challenges and pitfalls to avoid.


Nick Seiersen

Nick Seiersen

President and CEO, Seiersen Enterprises

Nick Seiersen grew up in the multinational and diplomatic community of Geneva, Switzerland and studied at the International School with students from over 50 countries. Supply chain is an enduring theme in his career, starting with a role at KPMG in Canada more than two decades ago and continuing today in his practice where he helps private and public sector organizations improve their capabilities, tools and skills to secure and deliver the right deals with the right trading partners. He has served dozens of clients and reduced millions of dollars of assets and operating costs across Europe and the Americas leading procurement transformations, network designs, inventory strategies, product development processes, and major systems implementations.

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