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New Webinar

Panel Discussion: Blockchain in Supply Chain

November 9, 2021

1:00 PM CT

Blockchain is a groundbreaking technology that has already disrupted numerous industries by offering innovative ways to solve business problems, fundamentally change financial systems and overhaul record-keeping processes. This panel discussion will explore the past, present and future of blockchain, as well as its limitations and capabilities.

Topic Areas


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Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of how blockchain can transform supply chains by advancing information-sharing, transparency, transactions, tracking and much more.


David Behrends

David Behrends

Managing Partner and Head of Trading, Farmer Connect

David Behrends is managing partner and head of trading at Farmer Connect. He recently served on the board of the Green Coffee Association as well as the IBM Food Trust Executive Advisory Committee and is a current member of the Intercontinental Exchange Coffee Committee.

Gurram Gopal

Gurram Gopal


Professor, Illinois Institute of Technology

Gurram Gopal is professor at the Illinois Institute of Technology. His career includes the development of marketing strategies for large pharmaceutical companies. He has published more than 50 papers and often presents at supply chain conferences around the world.

Eric Peters

Eric Peters

President and CEO, Procurant

Eric Peters is president and CEO of Procurant, a global, blockchain-enabled, fresh food supply chain platform. He is former president and CEO of SensorThink, the first digital platform built to support the digital warehouse, and Foodlink, acquired by Roper Technologies in 2014.

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