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Manage Disruption

Build a resilient supply chain in the face of disruption

How resilient is your supply chain?

More than half of companies’ supply chains lack end-to-end visibility, leaving them more open to unexpected disruptions.
-Source: The Economist Intelligence Unit. “The Resilient Supply Chain Benchmark: Ready for anything? Turbulence and the resilience imperative”

Efficiency, cost-cutting and lean operations aren’t serving supply chains as well as they used to, especially in the face of a more unpredictable and turbulent world. Your supply chain is more connected to the global economy than ever before, and the more resilient your supply chain, the less vulnerable you will be to unexpected disruptions, whether internal or external.

Is your business resilient amongst uncertainty?

Assess your supply chain’s resiliency

The Resilient Supply Chain Benchmark helps corporate leaders and supply chain managers measure their supply chain resiliency against that of their industry peers. Developed together with the Economist Intelligence Unit, the benchmark assesses the performance of 308 publicly listed US companies in consumer electronics, pharmaceuticals and retail across two equally important domains: operational supply chain resilience and strategic supply chain resilience.

Get Started

Assess your supply chain’s resiliency

Future-proof your supply chain

Every company and supply chain has its own challenges to overcome. ASCM’s Transformation Solutions combine an executive-level coach with our suite of standards and assessments to analyze your supply chain from end to end and provide a roadmap to build improved performance and resilience, all at 1/10th of the cost of a typical consultancy. Our TLP clients typically achieve:

  • 2x ROI in 12 months
  • 3% average operating income improvement
  • 20% improvement in flexibility and on inventory turns
  • 25% improvement in delivery reliability
  • 30% faster ERP system implementations
  • Outperform competitors on major supply chin indices
Future-proof your supply chain

Are you ready to create a competitive advantage?

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