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ASCM CONNECT 2024: North America - Call for Presentations

Announcing the Call for Presentations

Be a part of the premier event in supply chain education by submitting your abstract to present at ASCM CONNECT 2024: North America, September 9-11, 2024, in Austin, Texas. The call for presentations is open until December 22, 2023.

ASCM seeks compelling abstracts that highlight innovative strategies, best practices, actionable insights and case studies that will enhance the conference experience for attendees. Sharing your knowledge as an educational session presenter is valuable to the ASCM global community, a significant career opportunity and an important part of making the conference a success.

Presenting at ASCM CONNECT 2024: North America provides an opportunity to:

  • Contribute to the industry by sharing your supply chain expertise, case studies and best practices.
  • Gain recognition, enhance your professional credibility and build the future of the industry.
  • Network on-site with fellow supply chain professionals and build lasting connections
  • Receive a complimentary registration to ASCM CONNECT 2024: North America, if your presentation is selected.

Submission instructions, requirements, the abstract evaluation process and session categories are listed below.

Submit an Abstract

Steps to submit

  1. Enter abstract information into the form, including session title, audience level, learning objectives, primary keywords, and abstract text (fewer than 300 words).
  2. Enter presenter(s) details, including a short biography, social media links (optional), any prior speaking experiences, and a company logo (optional).
  3. Review and approve the information provided in previous steps, read and sign presenter terms and conditions, and submit your abstract.

Abstract submission limit

  • Maximum of 2 abstracts per presenter.
  • Each submission can have a maximum of 2 presenters.

Presentation selection criteria

Each submission is reviewed and evaluated by the ASCM Conference Content Taskforce. Taskforce members seek presentations that address critical issues, innovative methods, emerging industry trends, and provide practical solutions.

Submit an Abstract

To Submit an Abstract

Learning Tracks

The ASCM CONNECT Annual Conference educational sessions are aligned under twelve learning tracks, each addressing the fundamental issues of a resilient and sustainable supply chain. The content within these learning tracks is specifically structured to provide the best possible learning experience for conference attendees.

You will be asked to identify which learning track(s) your session aligns with. Learning tracks help attendees navigate and structure their time at the event.

End-to-End Supply Chain Orchestration

A fully orchestrated supply chain requires transparent relationships, real-time visibility into key data and the know-how to use insights wisely. Discover the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning, supply chain control towers, and event-tracking and early-warning systems to achieve agility, resilience, cost-savings and a clear view of what’s really happening throughout your network.

Emerging Trends and Innovation

Topping ASCM’s Top 10 Trends for 2023 are digital transformation, big data and automation. Learn how to tap into these essential solutions — as well as blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning, smart logistics, digital twins, the internet of things and next-generation robots — to achieve greater supply chain flexibility, sustainability and bottom-line results.

Supply Chain Planning

Like so many aspects of supply chain, planning is getting an overhaul after recent disruptions. Gain insights to help you better predict the next big shift and maintain a sustainable network via real-time visibility, next-level sensing, the latest technologies, advanced analytics and the expertise to engage supply chain partners who share your goals.


Smart manufacturing is the only way forward — and it relies on the adoption of virtual reality, predictive maintenance, 3D printing, digital twins, the industrial internet of things, connected workers and much more. Close the skill gap and address the ongoing labor shortage by transforming your factory into one in which the most talented workers thrive.

Logistics and Fulfillment

In an incredibly challenging market, too many warehouses are missing the mark in their logistics and fulfillment operations. Discover how to increase quality and reliability while supporting sustainability goals via robotics, automation and drones — as well as initiatives involving near- and re-shoring, reverse logistics, micro-fulfillment, specialized warehouses and more.

Sourcing and Procurement

Inflation and ongoing resource constraints continue to put pressure on sourcing and procurement professionals. It’s critical to foster positive relationships while reducing purchasing costs and risks. Learn about ethical and sustainable procurement, contract management and negotiation, methods for tracing purchase order flow, and strategic sourcing best practices.

Talent, Leadership and Transformation

The demand for supply chain talent is at an all-time high — especially for people with tactical and operational expertise, as well as strategic thinking, problem-solving and analytical skills. Become an employer of choice by prioritizing diversity, equity and inclusion; career development; work-life balance; and corporate transformation that leads to a fulfilling and rewarding company culture.

Digital Capabilities, Technologies and Enablers

Amid the Great Supply Chain Reset, it’s essential to assess your current capabilities while planning for a future in which supply chain digitization creates networks that are integrated, adaptable and resilient. Learn how to use data analytics, the internet of things and cloud-based computing to achieve visibility, synchronization and best-in-class digital maturity.

Sustainability, Circularity and Climate

There’s no question that supply chain sustainability initiatives also bolster overall performance and the bottom line, especially across highly complex networks. Understand how to select suppliers who share your circularity goals; reduce carbon emissions and waste; maintain ethical sourcing and fair trade; and tap into the power of wind, solar and other exciting efficiency solutions.

Stability, Resilience and Agility

Effective supply chain planning hinges on accurate measurement and interpretation of the stresses that exist within your network. Explore how to use data analytics and machine learning to examine past trends and predict future shifts. Develop proactive decision-making skills in order to cut unnecessary costs, optimize workflow and forecast with greater confidence.

Advanced Analytics, Data and Information

Supply chain breakthroughs are impossible without first assessing the current state. Investigate how to apply data-driven insights in order to understand where you are now while anticipating global shifts and exciting market opportunities. Delve into artificial intelligence, machine learning, advanced analytics and deep learning to advance your network via actionable business intelligence.

Startup Supply Chain

Adopt a startup mindset to maximize your supply chain organization’s creativity, innovation and rapid growth potential. Discover proven ways to prototype more quickly and tap into your team’s enthusiasm and passion — while allowing them to embrace failure and pivot when necessary. This unique perspective will enable you to create a compelling, modern experience for all stakeholders.

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