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Top 10 Supply Chain Trends Coming in 2023


Industries across the globe continue to battle the Great Supply Chain Disruption. They’re striving to optimize execution, diminish risk, improve dexterity and identify ways to gain a real competitive advantage. To achieve these goals, it will be essential to create data-driven networks, maximize the latest digital transformation capabilities, prioritize risk management and resilience, streamline logistics, and much more.

Getting ahead of these and other key trends enables supply chains to proactively shape a successful, sustainable future.

Read on to discover what supply chain trends are coming in 2023 and beyond.

Digital supply chain transformation

First, this year will be marked by the following digital supply chain transformation themes, including the following:

  • Big data, advanced analytics and automation will be supply chain pillars.
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning will have a much greater impact, as processing huge datasets in real time demands these capabilities.
  • Using smart logistics solutions, based on the internet of things and next-generation robotics, will be a focal point of supply chain design.

Supply chain resilience

Other key considerations are risk management and resilience, which will remain essential to the future of supply chain. For example, as the amount of data grows, treating it as an asset and effectively securing it will become vital. Resilient supply chain design will also be critical to mitigating adverse events faster than the competition, providing excellent customer service, and generating value and market share.

Sustainable supply chains

Third, circular and sustainable supply chains, as well as supply chains dedicated to essential goods, will be prioritized in 2023 and beyond. As supply chains touch every part of our global ecosystem, circular economies that prioritize restorative and regenerative aspects will continue to be imperative.

In addition, continuous logistics disruption will drive the need for constant master data maintenance, as well as refined logistics parameters and inventory levels. Logistics organizations must create the conditions necessary for a seamless interaction among multiple transportation networks and their digital replicas. Many of them will also be rethinking the physical connections among warehouses, highways, ports, waterways and air transportation.

These are just a few of the supply chain trends uncovered by ASCM’s Research, Innovation and Strategy Committee (RISC) Sensing Subcommittee. Get to know the trends by downloading the report and watching the video discussion

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Jit Hinchman, CSCP Founder and President , Supply Chain Adviser

Jit Hinchman, CSCP, is founder and president at Supply Chain Adviser. She may be contacted at

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