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The 10 Most-Read ASCM Insights Blogs of 2022


Once again, the supply chain industry has experienced a year to remember. Everything in our field seems to be changing: information flows, materials management, manufacturing processes, selling and delivery of products, and so much more. Supply chain professionals continue tapping into their unique expertise and skill sets to manage these shifts and prepare for whatever challenges may arise next.

My editorial team and I strive to help our readers keep pace with each transformation, advancement and evolution. We recruit and partner with supply chain thought leaders and industry visionaries from around the world in order to publish articles that share the most essential knowledge and insights. The following list, prepared by our analytics team, reveals the 10 most-read articles in 2022. Read on to discover how they may help you prepare your networks for 2023 and beyond.

10. Sustainable Supply Chains Via the Circular Economy: When writing this article, I interviewed Supply Chain Risk Expert Omera Khan and Circular Economy Strategist Ashleigh Morris. They shared numerous insights into the benefits and challenges of circularity, as well as the industries with the greatest potential to go circular. Is yours on the list?

9. 6 Far-Reaching Blockchain Applications in Supply Chain: This story details six specific use cases where supply chains can maximize the potential of blockchain. While writing it I once again had the opportunity to interview some fascinating blockchain experts. Take a look at their solid advice for preparing your organization for implementation.

8. Choose the Best Supplier in 5 Steps: In this article, Supply Chain Advisor Nick Seiersen shares tips for excellent supplier relationships. He says, “Procurement best practices have evolved such that supplier selections can no longer be based on price alone. Now, it’s important to find a partner that delivers value, is dependable, offers expertise, aligns with your organization’s core beliefs and so much more.”

7. Supply Chains Must Transform — and the Sooner, the Better: Longtime ASCM contributor Richard Crandall, Ph.D., CPIM-F, CIRM, CSCP, professor emeritus at Appalachian State University, delves into three key transformation priorities: digitization, supplier alignment and company culture. He believes transformation is never-ending, so supply chain professionals must constantly pivot to perform better in each new reality.

6. Improve SRM with Data Analytics: In this story, Gali Katz, chief technology officer of International Delivery Assurance Services, explains how data analytics can advance purchasing and supplier relationship management. He writes, “When all relevant information is aggregated and linked, purchasing professionals have more insight that can, in turn, help maximize speed, visibility and agility.”

5. The 3 P’s of Great Negotiations: Prepare, Probe, Propose: Expert negotiator Andres Lares, managing partner at Shapiro Negotiations Institute, contributed this piece about using the negotiation process to foster strong supplier relationships based on trust. Don’t miss these tips, which can help you master one of the most important parts of supply chain management.

4. How to Calculate and Manage Aggregate Inventory Range: When it comes to inventory management, there are challenges in the details, write Peter L. King, CSCP, president of Lean Dynamics, and Mac Jacob, CPIM, SCOR-P, head of product at Phenix Planning and Scheduling. Check out their enlightening take on how to set appropriate targets for both cycle stock and safety stock.

3. 6 Predictions for the Future of 3D Printing: How much will 3D printing change manufacturing and supply chain? Author János Váradi, chief technology officer and cofounder of BASF-owned Replique, offers his expert viewpoints about the near future of additive manufacturing.

2. Optimize Your Supply Chain with AI and ML: We continue to see the rise of game-changing artificial intelligence and machine learning applications. While working on this article, I researched the potential of autonomous delivery robots and drones, augmented reality, multi-dimensional decision-making processes, digital twins, smart process automation, and related predictive tools.

1. 8 KPIs for an Efficient Warehouse: The number-one spot this year goes to Amit Levy, executive vice president of customer solutions and strategy at Made4net. It’s no surprise that the topic of warehousing key-performance indicators (KPIs) piqued ASCM readers’ interest. These days, tracking the right warehouse KPIs is a foundational step toward achieving a profitable business with happy customers.


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