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Seven Steps to Jump-Start Your Career from APICS Career Coach, Rodney Apple


Most of my blogging is focused on how to market the success of your supply chain organization.  However, sometimes you reach a point in your career when you need to focus on making yourself more marketable in order to achieve your career goals. Enter APICS Career Coach Rodney Apple, to help you take control of your career and map out a plan.

Apple leads a national supply chain recruiting and executive search firm that has filled more than 1,000 professional- to executive-level supply chain positions for clients ranging from Fortune 15 to startups. He knows a thing or two about supply chain jobs and how to get a career moving on an upward trajectory. Here’s an outline of his seven-step career growth strategy which is designed to help ambitious supply chain professionals move up the corporate ladder.

  1. Reflect on where you stand. Consider your recent accomplishments, mistakes, skills, and your overall job satisfaction… and put a lot of thought into it.
  2. Research the trends. What’s growing and what’s slowing? Are you in the right industry, or is it a strategic move to look elsewhere? If a change is necessary, check out Apple’s recent APICS Extra Live webinar, “LinkedIn Profile Optimization Tips for Supply Chain Management Professionals” for advice.
  3. Set goals that motivate you, and make them important, urgent and valuable goals.
  4. Make your goals SMART. According to the APICS Dictionary, SMART stands for specific, measurable, achievable/attainable, relevant/realistic, and timely. Once you’ve set SMART goals, it’s paramount that you write them down and keep them visible.
  5. Develop action steps. Establish prioritized work tasks and milestones for each activity, along with deadlines.
  6. Review and track progress. Set up recurring appointments or reminders in your calendar to assess your progress.
  7. Celebrate achievements. Celebrating progress gives you added momentum, energy and incentive to keep moving ahead.

Apple details of each of these seven steps in his latest article in APICS magazine. This career growth strategy is designed to keep you motivated and disciplined, dramatically increasing your likelihood of achieving your goals. Apple is also author of The Supply Chain Talent Blog where he shares advice on job search strategy, resume optimization, interviewing tips, career development and more.

About the Author

Jennifer Daniels Former Vice President of Marketing, APICS

Jennifer Daniels is a former vice president of marketing at APICS.

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