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Read the March - April Issue of SCM Now


Welcome to the March/April 2021 SCM Now magazine! To keep the supply chain content fresh and relevant for our readers, the ASCM editorial staff is excited to be publishing bimonthly. Here's a taste of what's inside this issue:

  • Achieve more accurate forecasts with this easy and effective tool 
  • Build strategic resilience with these insights from ASCM and The Economist Intelligence Unit
  • Advance business processes by giving your employees a stronger user experience 
  • Explore the potential of smart cities to change the world 
  • Avoid slipping into the bias trap to make wiser choices

Thank you for reading!

About the Author

Elizabeth Rennie Editor-in-Chief, SCM Now magazine, ASCM

Elizabeth Rennie is Editor-in-Chief of SCM Now. She may be contacted at

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