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Princess Newborn, Winner of the ASCM Award of Excellence — Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


As the director of human resources at UPS Company Ware2Go, Princess Newborn has made it her mission to increase the diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) of talent across the organization. To achieve this goal, she has intentionally given recruiters more time to fill each role; takes her team to career fairs targeted at diverse candidates; and advocates for diversity among executive leadership by sharing data during quarterly business reviews, which highlight the gaps to be overcome. Currently, these recruiting efforts have increased the female population in executive leadership by more than 20%. 

To further support ongoing reporting, Newborn launched an annual DEI employee survey through which participants self-identify their gender, ethnicity, age and department within the company; rate how valued they feel and if they feel there are advancement opportunities for them; and state whether they feel Ware2Go values diverse perspectives. Employees are also given open-ended questions about what the company could be doing better from a DEI perspective. Newborn seeks out such candid feedback and uses it to set benchmarks to revisit each year and monitor progress. 

Newborn also mentors young women within the company, teaching them how to approach conversations around career development with their managers and how to navigate being a minority team member. She works closely with managers and directors to ensure a fair promotion process that gives equal consideration to employees of all backgrounds.  

In addition, Newborn cochairs the DEI Committee with Ware2Go’s CEO. Together, they have created four subcommittees with specific objectives: 

  1. Diversify the candidate pool: This subcommittee is tasked with finding creative ways to reach diverse talent in the supply chain industry.
  2. Engage the community: This subcommittee creates opportunities for Ware2Go employees to get involved in projects that support equity in the community, from supporting local food banks to providing supplies to Big Brothers Big Sisters.
  3. Engage the company: This subcommittee programs company events that foster discussion and education around issues including Black History Month, Holocaust remembrance and diverse religious traditions.
  4. DEI Awareness: This subcommittee ensures that Ware2Go’s DEI efforts are communicated both internally and externally.

Newborn is not afraid to foster communication around subjects that human resources departments have historically deemed as taboo, from religion to sexuality to neurodiversity. She has created an environment where employees from all backgrounds feel respected, celebrated and valued. Simply by being a Black woman in a position of leadership in a supply chain company, Newborn demonstrates to diverse employees and candidates that there is a path forward. ASCM is honored to recognize her dedication and achievements. 

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