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Navigating Better Mobile-Device Management


Challenge: Improve technological support and operational efficiency while managing thousands of mobile devices
Solution: SOTI MobiControl
Company: Ruan
Headquarters: Des Moines, Iowa
Operation: Transportation management

The challenge

Ruan is a privately owned transportation management company providing dedicated contract transportation, managed transportation and value-added warehousing to clients across the country. To keep operations running smoothly, Ruan’s more than 4,600 drivers need to stay connected with the back office through tablets and smartphones. However, when these devices needed to be updated, drivers had to physically bring or mail them to the information technology (IT) department. Once the devices were in the hands of IT experts, it took about a week before they were ready. This was costly, time-consuming and inefficient.

Company leaders realized that they needed a solution to help efficiently manage and update in-house approved apps on tablets and smartphones. This enhanced technological ability would streamline IT operations and help the company stay agile in the evolving market.

“Transportation companies can no longer afford to operate as they did five or 10 years ago — especially when customer demand is at a constant change,” says Shash Anand, vice president of product strategy at SOTI Inc., a business mobility solutions provider. “When Ruan reached out to SOTI, we were asked to develop a solution that modernized and adapted its current mobile device solutions and ensure the company is operating as efficiently, seamlessly and safely as possible, while also reducing bottom-line costs.”  

The solution

Ruan decided to implement the SOTI ONE Platform to better manage its fleet of approximately 5,000 mobile devices. This platform is an integrated suite of seven solutions that reduces the cost, complexity and downtime of business-critical mobility. These solutions help companies quickly build the apps their workers need, secure and manage mobile devices and internet-of-things endpoints, and deliver critical insights about their mobile workforce and assets.

The MobiControl solution within the SOTI ONE Platform was the most critical tool for this project. It simplifies the security and management of connected devices by tracking physical assets, managing apps and content, and keeping data safe and secure. Through 24/7 device monitoring, Ruan can troubleshoot technological issues remotely and securely lock down devices on demand, in turn boosting driver efficiency and productivity. 

SOTI MobiControl also has enabled Ruan to streamline operations by rolling out dedicated business unit electronic driver logs, ensuring more efficient route scheduling and communication with dispatch

“Ruan has delivered a complete mobile solution across its operations for over a decade,” says Marty DeDecker, Ruan director of infrastructure and operations. “Keeping our mobile platform current and agile remains a strategic initiative and is key to our success.”

The results

SOTI MobiControl has modernized Ruan’s business operations, enabling the company to save approximately $60,000 per year by eliminating as many as 80 IT support tickets each week at an average cost of $15 per device in labor and shipping costs. In addition, when devices need to be issued or serviced, Ruan can provision devices within eight minutes instead of the traditional 30 minutes, which has resulted in a 73% increase in speed to delivery. As such, SOTI MobiControl has delivered a significant return on investment for the company as it continues to scale its operations and deliver high levels of service to customers and partners nationwide.

Device security also has improved because the company’s devices now are only permitted to access approved, work-related apps. In line with Ruan’s driver safety program, drivers also are only allowed to access these apps while the trucks are stopped.

“SOTI MobiControl offers many critical capabilities that allow Ruan to focus on safety, our team and our customers,” DeDecker explains. “As we continue to grow, SOTI MobiControl is a highly scalable tool that helps us efficiently support our strategic initiatives.”

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