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Crowdsourced Exam Prep: 5 Study Tips for a Common Goal


Are you preparing for an APICS certification or certificate exam? Then don’t miss this opportunity to hear from supply chain colleagues who have earned their own credential. The social media team here at ASCM recently crowdsourced study tips from our followers on LinkedIn and Instagram. Read on to learn from their experiences and prime yourself for cert exam success!

1. Book your examination date right now. Do so with confidence, and commit to that date. As Rohit George, CPIM, says: “This lets the seriousness kick in — especially for people who tend to procrastinate.”

2. Take the pre-evaluation tests, which are available as part of the official Learning System preparation materials. This enables you to identify which areas you should study more and which you already understand. “The practice tests increase your confidence levels and give you a chance to plan for better time management during the real exam,” says Sri Prisad, CPIM, CSCP, CLTD.

3. Allocate a fixed amount of study time every day, and stick to it no matter what. Meka Praveen, CSCP, says scheduling committed hours for preparation is key to understanding and interlinking concepts.

4. Brad Tonne, CSCP, says the APICS Dictionary is a great study tool: “I used the APICS Dictionary app on my phone to review terms and found it to be very helpful.”

5. When studying, go beyond the words to be sure you understand the deeper meaning of what you’re reading. Mastering the concepts in different contexts is critical to passing the exams. There are often test questions that do not correspond precisely to the text itself, but its underlying meaning. “Concepts are the most important thing to concentrate on,” says Amira Dawood, CPIM. “This, I feel, is what sets APICS certifications apart. They shift your perspective by presenting important concepts based on real-life professional case studies.”

Learn more on how to prepare for your APICS certification during our upcoming free ASCM webinar: Tips and Tricks to Prepare For and Master Your Certification Exam on Tuesday, July 19, 2022. 

About the Author

Tim Piotrowski Social Media and Content Manager, Association for Supply Chain Management

Tim Piotrowski is Social Media and Content Manager at the Association for Supply Chain Management

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