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7 Tips for a Winning Awards Submission


Thinking about entering the prestigious ASCM Awards of Excellence? Wondering what makes a stand-out entry that really grabs the judges' attention? Well, after more than 10 years heading up this program — and reviewing hundreds of top-quality entries — I’ve put together the following tips for crafting an entry that leaves our judges cheering.

Now, get ready to showcase your individual or team achievements, shine a light on your supply chain prowess, and claim your rightful place among supply chain champions!

1. Follow the instructions. Sounds simple, but it's so important to read the directions carefully and create targeted responses. Make it easy for our judges to understand why you deserve the win. Address the criteria point by point, and be sure needed documents and images are uploaded in the proper format.

2. Give yourself enough time. It’s critical to approach things strategically and consider necessary collaborators and approvals. Most candidates should give themselves several weeks to finish a first draft, ask for feedback and quantify results.

3. Highlight your most successful initiatives and individuals. When choosing what to submit, focus on what will impress the judges most. Compare initial goals with results, and always try to be as objective as possible. It’s a good idea to involve the people who worked directly on the project or those whom you plan to nominate.

4. Use supporting evidence to reinforce your claims. Providing context, background, facts and figures validates your entry with our judges. If you include charts and tables, be sure to explain what they represent.

5. Avoid PR speak and jargon, and always define acronyms at first use. Be honest, direct and clear. Don’t assume that the judges will understand the industry terms you commonly use. Keeping your language simple will make your entry easier to read and digest.

6. Be persuasive and passionate. Write in a way that demonstrates your own enthusiasm for the individual or initiative you are nominating. Use compelling words and an active voice. If you’re excited about it, chances are our judges will be too!

7. Watch the word count. Our judges have a lot of reading to do; sometimes, the package I send for their review equals the page count of a few novels. Making their lives a little easier can only reflect positively on your submission. Get to the point, include only relevant information, and always remember that less truly is more. If possible, get your entry in front of the talented writers and editors at your organization before clicking “submit.” A fresh pair of eyes helps the copy flow well, eliminates typos or grammatical errors, and fixes anything that is unclear or superfluous.

The ASCM Awards of Excellence are for corporations and individuals demonstrating superior performance and dedication to advancing the field of supply chain management. Don't forget to mark your calendar — the deadline for submissions is May 20, 2024. See you on the podium!

About the Author

Elizabeth Rennie Editor-in-Chief, SCM Now magazine, ASCM

Elizabeth Rennie is Editor-in-Chief at ASCM. She may be contacted at