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News & Press Releases Archive

In the News

February 2021

Supply Chain 24/7: Combating Chronic Supply Chain Disruptions: stories from the Front Lines

Supply and Demand Chain Executive: Job Loss Sparks Supply Chain Education Increase

Supply Chain Digital: Vaccinating the globe demands global coordination

Illinois Business Journal: Metro East to Play Role in State’s Supply-Chain Training Initiative

Supply Chain Management Review: The Rebound Podcast: Supply Chain Management for the Circular Economy

Digital Journal: Supply Chain Jobs – The Environment and Supply Chain Industry 

TechTarget: Supplier segmentation lessons in the wake of COVID-19 

Supply Chain Matters: Toyota’s Response To The Auto Industry-Wide Semiconductor Chip Shortage

January 2021

Supply & Demand Chain Executive: Top 10 Supply Chain Trends in 2021

Supply Chain Dive: The evolving role of the chief procurement officer

Forbes: Six Manufacturing Tech Trends To Look For In 2021 

Modern Materials Handling: The Rebound Podcast: Making sense of blockchain

Investment Monitor: Joe Biden and the future of US manufacturing

Manufacturing Global: Manufacturing in 2021: six trends to keep an eye on

The Future of Supply Chain Podcast: Education for the Future of Supply Chain with Abe Eshkenazi of ASCM

December 2020

Supply Chain Management Review: The Rebound: The First Six Months 

Modern Materials Handling: The Rebound: Say Goodbye to 2020

BrainYard: How to Find the Right Suppliers … and Manage Your Increasingly Intricate Supply Chain

Forbes: 12 Ways To Build Relationships And Have A Little Fun In Virtual Meetings

Supply Chain Management Review: The Rebound: Taking the Temperature of the Cold Chain

Freight Waves: Supply chain resilience to reach new heights in 2021 — survey

Business Insider: How businesses can learn from pandemic supply-chain breakdowns and better prepare for shifting customer demands and disruptions

November 2020

The LoadStar: Resilience is top of the agenda for supply chain strategy in 2021

Supply Chain Dive: Supply chain agility entered the spotlight when the pandemic made forecasting futile

Supply Chain Best Practices: Designing the Global Supply Chain for a COVID-19 Vaccine

October 2020

Supply Chain Dive: How COVID-19 changed warehouse management and design

Supply Professional Magazine: Unchartered Territory: The Post COVID-19 World of Supply Chain Employment

TechTarget: Employers scramble to build upskilling, reskilling programs

Forbes: Dawn Foods Improved Planning Allows Them To Navigate Covid

September 2020

Trans.Info: ASCM’s „5 S’s” for building a resilient supply chain

Supply Chain Dive: Supply chains must adjust planning, expectations to cope with unreliable demand

Bloomberg: Robots Driving Forklifts Score Venture Capital, Create Jobs

SupplyChainBrain: Keys to Supply-Chain Resilience

August 2020

SourceOne: Supply Chain Employees Are Happy At Work – Can You Keep Capitalizing?

Supply Chain Dive: From visibility software to pallet picks:How Tillamook planned inventory as demand soared

July 2020

Supply Chain Management Review: The Rebound: Moving Towards Digitally-Enabled, End-to-End Control Towers

MARTECH Today: Tips on building your virtual event

CMCA: Upskilling: How to Recession-Proof Careers in the Age of COVID-19

Supply Chain Dive: Gartner: 17% of CSCOs are women but talent pipeline, development remain stagnant

McKinley Advisors: A New Era of Leadership: The Turnaround CEO

Smart Brief: Why it's necessary to invest in continuing education

Modern Materials Handling: The Rebound: It’s Time to Modernize Supply Chain Design

Supply Chain Management Review: Supply Chain Executive Education in the Post-COVID World

E-Commerce Times: Building Supply Chain Resilience During a Global Disruption

Supply & Demand Chain Executive: SCN Summit -- Navigating Business Amid COVID-19

Forbes: Eight Ways A Nonprofit Can Attract More Employees Or Volunteers

Industry Today: Best Digital Upgrades for Industrial Operations

Supply Chain Management Review: The Rebound: What we learned from the last recession

Reuters Events: The end of just-in-time

Bloomberg: Urged by Trump to Decouple, U.S. Companies Want More China Faster

June 2020

TechHR Series: ASCM 2020 Salary & Career Survey Show Supply Chain Field As Rewarding With High Salaries And Job Satisfaction

Forbes: ASCM 2020 Salary & Career Survey Show Supply Chain Field as Rewarding with High Salaries and Job Satisfaction

Supply Chain 24/7: The Rebound: The Five Things We’re Watching Now

Supply Chain Dive: Supply chain median salary 24% higher than national median, gender gap narrows

Bloomberg: CEOs Turn to New Go-To Lieutenants in Economy Broken by Virus

Supply Chain Management Review: The Rebound: What AGCO Got Right About COVID

IT in the Supply Chain: ASCM Foundation to Help Developing Countries in Africa with COVID-19 Response

Fox Business: Why are meat plants experiencing coronavirus outbreaks?

Supply Chain Management Review: ASCM 2020 Salary & Career Survey Show Supply Chain Field as Rewarding

IT in the Supply Chain: ASCM 2020 Salary & Career Survey Show Supply Chain Field as Rewarding with High Salaries & Job Satisfaction

Future of Sourcing: Seven Tips to Find and Successfully Apply to Supply Chain Positions

Supply Chain Management Review: The Rebound: The Five Things We’re Watching Now

Supply Chain Dive: Inventory management a top skill for 58% of supply chain pros: survey

May 2020

Food Logistics: Food Logistics Talks Broken Supply Chains

March 2020

Forbes: Connecting To Local Communities: 13 Effective Strategies For Businesses

The Wall Street Journal: Grocers Stopped Stockpiling Food. Then Came Coronavirus

Supply & Demand Chain Executive: How a Virus Pandemic Led to a Toilet Paper Shortage

Forbes: From The Vision Board To The Boardroom: Seven Steps To Creating A Venture Built To Last

February 2020

Business and Tech: How Food Supply Chain Professionals Can Promote Ethical Choices

Forbes: How Books Can Build Workplace Relationships And Enhance Culture

Voice of America: China Coronavirus Lockdown Crippling Global Supply Chain 

January 2020

TechTarget: Top 6 2020 supply chain trends

Logistics Management: Q&A with Abe Eshkenazi, CEO of ASCM Discusses Influence of E-Commerce on Supply Chain & Logistics

December 2019

Impacting Our Future: This Association is Championing Sustainable Supply Chains

TechTarget: How to tackle a supply chain transformation

Forbes: 120 AI Predictions For 2020

September 2019

NonProfitPRO: The Nonprofit Chatter Podcast Ep 14: International Leadership

TotalRetail: Why Should CEOs Embrace Supply Chain Ethics? Because Everybody Benefits

Logistics Management: ASCM and Deloitte roll out Digital Capabilities Model for Supply Networks

Modern Materials Handling: ASCM Day 1: If it’s Monday, it must be Las Vegas

SCMR: Risk events are everywhere

Sourcing Journal: Deloitte, ASCM Push Digital Supply Networks—Not Chains

Spend Matters: Afternoon Coffee: SolutionMap updates quarterly rankings; new Deloitte-ASCM digital tool; Cargill expanding in China

Spend Matters: Afternoon Coffee: ASCM issues 1st sustainability certification; Jason Busch covers Digital Procurement World; Spend Matters launches Future 5

Supply & Demand Chain Executive: Deloitte and the Association for Supply Chain Management Unveil New Digital Capabilities Model for Supply Networks

Supply Chain 24/7: ASCM & Deloitte Roll-Out Next Generation Digital Capabilities Model for Supply Networks

Supply Chain Dive: With the right mindset, returns present opportunity — not just liability

Supply Chain Dive: The upside of disruption? Supply chain's rise in value

Forbes:  Supply Chain Management Group Launches Foundation To Effect Change Worldwide

TotalRetail: Why Should CEOs Embrace Supply Chain Ethics? Because Everybody Benefits

August 2019

Supply Chain Dive: How to navigate procurement in a post-merger world


Spend Matters: As colleges restart, so too does ASCM’s supply chain competition for students

Spend Matters: ASCM launches Enterprise Certification to improve supply chains’ focus ecology, economics, ethics

July 2019

Supply Chain Management Review: Supply Chain Executive Education: What’s the right combination?

Disruptor Daily: What is the Future of Supply Chain Management? 17 Experts Share their Insights

Disruptor Daily: What trends are shaping supply chain mangement in 2019? 13 Experts share their insights

June 2019

Business Insider: Trump's tariffs may be the excuse, but Apple and other companies have plenty of additional reasons to move out of China, experts say

Sourcing Journal: New ASCM Enterprise Certification Aims to Lift Supply Chain Standards

Just-Style: New certification for ethical supply chains

Spend Matters: ASCM’s new supply chain ethics standards

Supply Chain Management Review: ASCM Introduces New Standards for Supply Chain “Ethics”

Logistics Management: Got labor? How supply chain companies are recruiting talent during a labor crunch

May 2019

Business Reporter: From supporting cast to breakout star: supply chain’s competitive edge

EBN: Supply Chain Pros Report High Job Satisfaction & Stability, Improved Gender Pay Parity

Supply Chain Dive: Survey: Supply chain professionals averaged 4% salary bump in 2018

Supply Chain Brain: Four Components Improving Last-Mile Obstacles in African Supply Chains

April 2019

Inbound Logistics: What’s the first thing you would do to address the supply chain talent gap?

Supply & Demand Chain Executive: Supply Chain Associations Team Up to Optimize Solutions

Supply Chain 24/7: BenchPrep Partners with the Association for Supply Chain Management to Advance Learning Portfolio

May 2019

IndustryWeek: Supply Chain Professionals Are Happy with Their Jobs

February 2019

Supply Chain 24/7: US Retailers Receive Some Good News on Trump Easing China Trade Tariff Tensions

Sourcing Journal: This New Supply Chain Association Plans to Optimize the Industry

January 2019

Forbes: The Best Way To Add Value To Your Growing Business? Invest In Supply Chain Leadership

Press Releases

January 2021

The Association for Supply Chain Management Announces 2021 Board of Directors

ASCM Announces Major Changes to its North American Volunteer Partner Network to Better Support Supply Chain Professionals

December 2020

ASCM and AC Business Media Announce Partnership Expanding Educational Opportunities for Supply Chain Professionals

September 2020

2020 ASCM Case Competition Winners

ASCM, PYXERA Global, and Ellen MacArthur Foundation Announce Collaboration to Accelerate the Adoption of Circular Economy Supply Chain Practices

July 2020

ASCM CONNECT 2020 Goes Virtual

June 2020

ASCM Foundation to Help Developing Countries in Africa with COVID-19 Response

ASCM 2020 Salary & Career Survey Shows Supply Chain Field as Rewarding with High Salaries and Job Satisfaction

May 2020

ASCM Salary and Career Report Shows High Job Satisfaction, Strong Job Stability and Narrowing Gender Pay Gap

ASCM Named One of the 2020 Best Workplaces in Chicago by Great Place to Work®

As Upskilling Takes Center Stage, Association for Supply Chain Management Providing Access to Logistics Risk Management Content

April 2020

Association for Supply Chain Management: People Need to be Put First

March 2020

ASCM Releases Expanded Digital Learning and Exam Capabilities - Largest nonprofit supply chain association bolsters digital offerings to support the
supply chain community

Association for Supply Chain Management Provides Free Online Content to Help Educate Public on the Important Function of Supply Chain

ASCM and Deloitte Announce 2020 ASCM Case Competition Finalists

January 2020

The Association for Supply Chain Management Announces 2020 Board of Directors

October 2019

Africa to Be the First Recipient of New Supply Chain Transformational Learning Program From ASCM & the Global Fund

September 2019

ASCM Launches ASCM Foundation as its Philanthropic Channel To Further Support & Affect Change in Supply Chain

Petrobras becomes first company to receive ASCM Enterprise Certification for Environmental, Ethical and Economic Supply Chain Excellence

Student team from Harvey Mudd College awarded ASCM Case Competition prize for Excellence in Supply Chain Management Strategy

Deloitte and the Association for Supply Chain Management Unveil New Digital Capabilities Model for Supply Networks

July 2019

ASCM Inaugral Event Focuses on Creating a Better World

ASCM Develops New Technology for Creating Standardized Tests and Certification Exams

June 2019

ASCM Releases New Organizational Certification Standards Guide For Environmental, Ethical And Economic Practices In Supply Chain

April 2019

ASCM and SCMA to Collaborate on Global Supply Chain Solutions

Registration Now Open and Keynotes Announced for ASCM 2019

March 2019

ASCM Launches African Leadership Forums Aimed at Strengthening Public Health and Humanitarian Supply Chains

February 2019

ASCM and Deloitte Announce 2018-2019 Supply Chain Case Competition Finalists

January 2019

The Association For Supply Chain Management Formally Launches, Commits to Making an End-to-End Impact on Corporations and Their Workforces

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